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Fulfilling Personal & Love Success

Take control of your future with valuable steps to personal success from Successful Life in Brooklyn, New York. Embark on a successful life cruise by taking the following key steps:
• Look into Your Soul, Listen to Yourself, & Identify What It Would Take for You to Say “I Have Made It”
• Take Inventory of Your Current Situation
• Write down Your Ambitious & Realistic Goals
• Commit to Stay on Course While Ignoring Eventual Distractions
• Be Disciplined, Motivated, Hopeful, & Positive
• Be Prepared & Get Support, Counseling, & Education Take Time to Enjoy the Ride & Smell the Flowers,
  While Remaining Humble & Taking Care of Yourself
• Learn to Forgive Yourself & Others, Allowing for Adjustments & Continuing to Move on
• Be Grateful, Helpful, & Graceful
• Do Not Neglect Your Spirituality

Holding Hands - Love Success


Every normal being is bound to fall in love sooner or later. The key to love success lies in how it's handled. When it comes, it's wonderful, so keep it blossoming with the following steps:

• Know Yourself, Your Strengths, & Your Weaknesses
• Increase Your Preparation & Decrease Your Expectations
• Decide to Make Your Partner Happy & Don't Depend on Him or Her for 
  Your Own Happiness | If It Comes, Accept It with Open Arms, but
  Go on with Your Life If It Doesn't
• Don't Dump Your Baggage on Your Partner
• Do Your Best to Be Truthful & Faithful
• Respect Your Partner
• Have a Good Sense of Humor

• Do Not Nag or Antagonize Your Partner
• Give Your Partner Room to Breathe
• Learn to Communicate Appropriately
• Remember That Anger & a Loose Tongue Can Destroy in a
  Moment What It Took Many Years to Build
• Keep a Positive Attitude
• Never Take Your Partner for Granted
• Continually Add Zest & Romance to Your Love Life

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